Sherry Briscoe, author & speaker

Every life holds a secret, and that’s where the story begins…

  • » How Do We Get Over?

    “One gets over the loss of a wallet or a watch. But a loved one, they never leave you. You never get over, you only get through.” Fourteen years ago today my youngest sister left us.  A slick curve, a winding road, a raging river. And in a splash, a crash, a flash of light, … Continue reading How Do We Get Over?

  • » What’s In a Name?

    Being a fictional writer, I’m always scouring and searching for the best names to use for my characters. Have you ever noticed that some names are so amazing they invoke an image as soon as you hear them? That’s what happened when I saw an obituary for Mayme Divine. I never knew her, I didn’t … Continue reading What’s In a Name?

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