Sherry Briscoe is a native Idahoan, although she has traveled around the world. Living in Europe, and both the East and West Coasts of the U.S., she has found her way back home. Her travels began with a half-courageous, and half-terrifying decision to join the U.S. Army, with the guarantee that she would be stationed in Europe.  And so it began. She bought a journal to take with her when she boarded the plane for Germany, and was excited about the new adventures that would fill the once-blank pages. Two years later, she returned home with a suitcase full of journals, a new understanding of the world, and a new insight of herself. But the journey had only begun. Through the years of writing for newspapers and magazines, she now writes short stories and books.

In 1999 Sherry founded the Idaho Screenwriter’s Association, which she facilitated until 2013, when the group was merged with the Idaho Media Professionals.  Sherry found that learning to be a good screenwriter, made her an even better novelist and short story author.

Sherry has been invited to speak at conferences and writers groups, and enjoys the opportunity to help other writers find their way and hone their skills.  She is on the Board of Directors of the Idaho Writers Guild, and serves as their contest coordinator for their annual writing contests.

Author, speaker