An Inspiring Speaker

Thank you for visiting my speaking page. As an author and former marketing director, I understand the importance of captivating an audience.

As a communicator, I am especially aware of the need for speakers to connect with an audience and leave them with practical takeaways.

Contact Sherry to check availability for booking her for your group or organization on these topics:

The 7 Steps to Highly Effective Short Story Writing

Walk through the step-by-step process to create grabbing stories that hook your readers from the first page and leave them wanting more.

The 12 Steps of Fiction Writers Anonymous

A fun workshop that looks at the ups and downs of fiction writing, and how you can master them.

The 10 Commandments of Lean and Powerful Writing (or) Screenwriting for the Novelist

Learn the techniques that create spiraling successes for screenwriters, that you can translate onto the pages of your novel. Sherry Briscoe founded the Idaho Screenwriters Association and ran it from 1999 through 2013.

Write Your Own Screen Adaptation to Your Novel

An afternoon workshop, or an on-line course that teaches you the basic, no-nonsense, only what you need to know techniques to write your adaptation. Sherry Briscoe founded the Idaho Screenwriters Association and ran it from 1999 through 2013.

Writing Life Coach

Whether you’re working on the next great American novel, a Pulitzer Prize winning news story, or simply journaling your way through the day to day struggles of life, Sherry Briscoe can be a helpful asset to your journey.  She can assist you in identifying and releasing the blocks that stand in the way of your success; change your thought patterns from struggle to success; help you maneuver through writer’s block; encourage you to be the best you can be; keep you on track for your goal.

If you are interested in hiring Sherry as your Writing Life Coach, contact her to find out more specifics, and see how she can help you.

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