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Every Person, All the Events in Your Life…

…are there because you have drawn them there. What you choose to do with them is up to you.

This is a marvelous quote from one of my favorite books, Illusions by Richard Bach.  If you’ve never read it, I recommend it. In his brilliant and inspirational way, Richard teaches us to look at life from another perspective.

Another one of my favorite books (non-fiction) is A Course In Miracles.  Lesson 33 states “There is another way of looking at the world.” Lesson 34 reminds us “I could see peace instead of this.”

What we see, what we experience, and what we think are results of the choices we make. We are only a victim of our own thoughts.

So choose to be the superhero of your life. Choose happiness. Choose love. Get up on the opposite side of the bed, walk in a different direction.

Get a new perspective.

a morning rainbow


All Is Well

A lot of times I think about things I want to do, and I place a condition on them. I’ll do X when Y happens. And then I realize, Y may or may not happen, and I can do X now. Whatever X is.

Don’t set limitations on your life. If you are given inspiration to do something, then just do it.

So many people say, “the time isn’t right. I have to wait until my bills are paid off, or I have a better job, or the kids are in school, or out of school.” But the truth is, you can do whatever it is right now. The only one putting conditions on your actions is you.

Every time I do that, then stop and realize I don’t need to wait for one thing to happen before I can do another, I set out to do what my initial idea was. And you know what? When you do it, everything else falls into place.

We don’t have to have all our ducks in a row to accomplish a goal, or to take the next step in a relationship, to start a family, to apply for a new job, or move to a new home. There are no conditions in life. We have Free Will. And we need to remember that.

So whatever it is you’ve been thinking about doing, but were putting off ‘for the right time‘, just go do it!

You’ll be amazed at how wonderful life is when you live it.

Turning Point

Every moment brings an opportunity to experience life anew. Every day carries the potential for transformation and growth-for adopting a fresh perspective, making a different choice, or taking a new path.

Be thankful

I choose to make today a turning point day. Whether the changes I make are large or small, each one propels my growth. I discover more about myself, how Spirit works in and through me, and how to express my divine nature in meaningful ways.

I step out in faith to experience life more fully. I am confident and excited as I venture into new territory and embrace this turning point of my life.

An Inspiring Teacher of God

Every year I travel to the Vancouver, WA area to spend Thanksgiving with my oldest daughter and her family. Thursday we have our traditional turkey dinner, Friday we find some great Black Friday specials to take advantage of, and Saturday we have first Christmas with my grand kids there. It’s always a magical time.

But this year I got an extra treat. My son-in-law, Demetrius Rogers, is the new pastor for the Mount Hood Christian Center in Gresham, Oregon.

Demetrius Rogers
Demetrius Rogers

I have attended a lot of churches and a lot of services in my years, but none so enjoyable and fulfilling as Demetrius’.

He is:

  • Energetic
  • Passionate
  • Dynamic
  • Charismatic
  • Entertaining
  • Engaging
  • Informative
  • Relevant
  • Inspiring

Being a public speaker myself, I appreciate a talented and gifted speaker when I hear one. Demetrius Rogers is one of the best. The Mount Hood Christian Center is blessed to have him at their helm. He presents his sermons in a way that makes you think, makes you laugh, and makes you feel touched by the very hand of God.

I loved how he made it so relevant to life today. How he pulled in personal stories, and even made me laugh.

He is a gift. If you live in the Portland, OR or Vancouver, WA area, I strongly encourage you to visit this church and hear this great man.

I do not give this recommendation lightly, it comes with true conviction. creative-writing-prompts

Change is good…but dollars are better!

My Grandma Rutledge used to always tell me, “change is good”. I can’t truly say if it’s good or bad, or simply change.  I’ve had so much change in my life in every area, I wouldn’t know what to do if suddenly nothing changed.

So maybe change is good.

But recently I uttered those words, and a man in the crowd said, “but dollars are better”. It made me laugh.

Part of change is the ability to see things from a different perspective. And sometimes, that’s all we need. A new perspective.

What can you change in your life by just looking at it differently?

Turn the change into a dollar!2335f8a33b5fe4a2d869c91a7c76d683

How to Fly

“How does one become a butterfly? You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.” ~ Trina Paulus


If you stop and think about it, we are all caterpillars, aspiring to something greater. But at what point do we become brave enough, or impassioned enough to leave the old behind and take flight? To let go?

Fear is the greatest hindrance in our lives. It’s not so much that we will fail, it’s the fear of failure.

Experience teaches us that falling down may hurt, and so we are careful to avoid falling down. And yet, there are times when we fall. It doesn’t kill us, it doesn’t render us incapable of walking ever again. It might bruise or scrape our knees, but we get back up and go again. That’s our wings-the power within to get back up and go again, to fly!


What is holding you back in your life that you need to let go of?

To what great adventure will you fly to when you spread your wings?

Think of the endless possibilities that lie ahead for you. Age, circumstances, finances mean nothing. This is your time. Leave the cocoon and fly!

The only one standing in your way is you.

Still Here!

I’ve been absent, but I’m back. I’m sorry if you’ve missed me. ‘ve missed you and it’s time to get back on track.

I moved, and things were in storage for a long time, but finally settled in to my new home. And I’m a home body. I love making my home comfortable and snuggling in.

Do you ever feel like there’s a time, maybe not from anything in particular, but that you’ve just returned? Maybe you’ve been ill, or just ill at ease about something, not feeling yourself, perhaps a little lost or in a daze? And then one day everything seems to be back to normal. And you think ‘finally, I’m seeing things clearly again.’

Sometimes we’re in a job or relationship that takes the spark out of our eyes and the spring out of our step. It tears us down instead of building us up. And then something happens, and that negative situation is now in the past. And you begin to see clearly again. And your heart sings a little tune you had long forgot.

playing in the fountain
playing in the fountain

Your joy is always there, but sometimes it gets buried in the shadows and we have a hard time finding it. Find your joy! Make your splash in life, see Claritin Clear!


In the same way laws and textbooks change with the times, I update my understanding of life. I am free to make different choices and re-create myself at any time.10685570_796452570414163_7352046617367804110_n

In fact, I’ve done it several times.

A loss, whether it’s a job, relationship or living situation can be a great opportunity to re-create yourself.

By releasing worn-out ways of being and acting in the world, I open the door to new opportunities and ideas.

I choose to see people and situations differently. I free myself from faulty thinking and embrace productive thoughts.

I have the power to change. We all have the power to change. Find the best version of yourself and embody it.


What’s Your Apple In The Garden of Eden?

We all have it. That temptation of something we know isn’t good or right for us.

Maybe it’s an addiction. Smoking, drinking, drugs. Maybe it’s a bad habit. Judging, controlling, obsessing. Maybe it’s more subtle. Doubt, fear, guilt.


Whatever your apple in the Garden of Eden is, face it. Have a discussion with it. Find out where it comes from and then tell it ‘good-bye’. You don’t need it. Fight the temptation that makes you feel less than you really are.

You are strong. Be strong. You are good. Be good. You are smart. Be smart!

Overcome the temptation and be the best of you. Enjoy this beautiful life you have been given. Appearances are misleading. Look beyond to the Light that is just a couple of inches behind the illusion.

Life is All About Plan B

Life is never what we expect. We make plans and they change. We route trips and take detours. We never know what’s going to happen tomorrow, or even later today.

Having a plan is nice, but how often do your plans turn out exactly as you make them? Ever?

Plan B is not so bad. What’s your Plan B? What’s your backup plan for when the bottom falls out of your current one?

The key is to be flexible, accept change, and go with the flow. It’s cheesy, but it works.

Don’t get so hung up on your plans that you can’t be happy if they don’t happen. They’re just a guideline, a starting point. Because where we end up is exactly where we were meant to be, whether we realized it or not!

Crossing out Plan A and writing Plan B on a blackboard.
Crossing out Plan A and writing Plan B on a blackboard.