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I May Not Be Perfect

But parts of me are pretty awesome.

In fact, none of us are perfect, but I believe that we all have something about us that is pretty awesome.

What is your awesome? Where do you shine?

What are you good at? What do you enjoy doing?

These are your awesomes.

I’m happiest when I’m writing, reading, making crafts, creating in nearly any form, and spending time with those I love.Dan's wedding

What makes you the happiest?

Nurture your awesome parts and feel your life flourish in joy and happiness.

Success is doing what you love, and loving what you do. Be successful. Be awesome!

Time to Turn Your Life Around?

If you are not happy with the things that are repeatedly happening in your life, or with the direction in which you seem to be moving, you can turn it around. But first you must understand that it is your life, that you live in a world of your own thoughts, and that you can change your life by altering your thoughts whenever you really want to do so.

This is not to say it is easy, but it is possible.

If you are not satisfied with the direction your life has taken, or with the experiences that continually manifest, you can change by getting into the kind of attitudes and feelings that you assume you would have if you were now experiencing the desired conditions. You may object, “But I feel tired and defeated: how can I help that?”

Feelings are not beyond the control of the will. You are not your feelings. You have feelings, and the you that has feelings can control them and reverse them.

bowling birthday

It is never too late to turn your life around, to break the patterns of negativity that keep manifesting themselves as age and deterioration, as inharmony and loneliness, as illness and physical discomfort, and as financial insecurity and lack.

Wake up from your self-limiting thought to self-releasing vertical thought, and you will experience the ceaseless flow of your own good.

Choose Happiness

Many years ago I was in the Army, and stationed in Germany.

I was the Battalion Commander’s secretary, and Command Sergeant Major Middleton was the Battalion Commander’s right hand man.

CSM Middleton was a bulldozer of a man. I secretly believed he was Frankenstein’s monster.  He looked the part with his large body, squared shoulders and often frightening face. I couldn’t see the bolts on his thick neck, but assumed he’d had them removed with plastic surgery.

I further backed up my theory by the fact that he lived to terrorize everyone. It was his sole purpose in life. Our troops dreaded his visit to their company. CSM Middleton would make them stand at attention while he yelled at them. If he couldn’t find something wrong with them or their work, he would make it up. He didn’t care.CSM Middleton

I had often suffered his wrath, since my office was right next to his. But there was one day when all that changed.

It was the week before Easter, and I woke up that morning in a wonderful mood. Nothing in particular had happened to cause the good mood, I just woke up feeling on top of the world. It was spring, blue skies, colorful flowers bursting from window boxes, and I was walking on sunshine.

I got to work and heard a thundering sound at the far end of the hall that was charging straight for my desk. The Colonel’s driver leaned over and said, “Look out, here comes the Sergeant Major, and he’s in a bad mood.”

Well the Sergeant Major was always in a bad mood. He came to a roaring stop at my desk and started yelling at me. “Did I do this? Did I do that?”

Me at my desk
Me at my desk

Remember, I was walking on sunshine that morning, and no one, not even the Sergeant Major, was taking my good mood away from me. So I did something I’d never done before. I smiled at him. Big! I smiled and said cheerfully, “No, but I will.”

He stepped back bewildered. He didn’t know how to deal with this. He was used to people cowering in fear, not smiling in happiness.

He left the office.

On my lunch hour I went over to the PX and bought a card with Charlie Brown and Lucy on it. On the front of the card, Charlie Brown said to Lucy, “You know what’s wrong with the world?” and Lucy replied, “No.” Charlie Brown said, “There’s too much apathy.” On the inside of the card, Lucy said, “Who cares?”

I bought the card and wrote in it, “I care, have a wonderful day.” And I bought a big chocolate bunny, since it was almost Easter, and I placed the card and the chocolate bunny in the Sergeant Major’s office. Instead of letting him take my good mood away from me, I decided to share it with him.

That afternoon he returned, went in his office and then left. He never said a word about the card or the chocolate bunny.

It was several days later before he came back in the office, and when he did, he had changed into my friend and ally. He was kind, smiled, and shared stories of his travels. He never yelled at me again.

When I left Germany, it was the Sergeant Major who threw me a going away party with cake and gifts. I cared, and so did he.

Every day we have choices to make. I discovered happiness is a choice. I encourage you to choose happiness, and don’t let anyone take it away from you. Instead – share it!

Be Happy

I remember once, my mom telling me, above all else, she just wanted me to be happy.

I think about that often. Am I happy? What makes me happy?

I think the best way to describe true happiness is when we feel completely at peace with exactly what we have. When we don’t need anything else, when we don’t need anyone to do anything for us.

I am happy, just the way I am, right now.

Outside influences and relationships add experiences to my life, but they do not affect my happiness. Because my happiness is my choice.

I choose happiness.

I appreciate the blessings in my life and claim the good still unfolding.

Whether I am praying alone, playing with friends, or planning an

Me with two of my grandchildren.
Me with two of my grandchildren.

adventure, I am content with myself and with others. In this moment, I am enough and I have enough to be happy.

Choose happiness!

It’s Your Life, After All

I had an interesting message from a friend today, who described her life as not her own. You see she has spent her life, college, career, everything, doing what other’s wanted and expected of her.  And now she wonders why she feels unfulfilled.

You can’t live someone else’s dreams. You have to focus on what it is YOU want to do. Find your passion in life. Do the things that promote your happiness. Because if you aren’t happy, you can’t make anyone else happy.  It’s like when you’re on an airplaine and the oxygen masks fall down. There’s a reason they tell you to put yours on first.

My friend explained how she gets so distracted and can’t accomplish her goals, because she tries to do too much. I think distractions are of the devil. Don’t give in! Stay focused, stick to your goal. I like a quote by author Ron Carlson, “The writer is the one who stays in the room.” In other words, don’t let yourself be distracted, stay put until the job is done. No one will ever believe in you as much as you do. So how much do your believe in yourself? If you don’t like something you see, all you have to do is change it. It’s called ‘free will’ and it’s a gift from God. Use it!