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What writers learn from reading

You can find a hundred articles telling you what to read to improve your craft of writing. I certainly have…

Writing a Clean Copy

What is CLEAN COPY and why is it important? Writing a clean copy is writing that doesn't need much work…

Writing mistakes authors make and how to fix them.

What do newbie, unseasoned writers do that give away their inexperience? They overwrite. They use too many adjectives and adverbs.…

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About the Author

A native Idahoan with Cherokee heritage, Sherry Briscoe writes suspense mysteries with a flavor of the paranormal. Her childhood heroes were Alfred Hitchcock and Edgar Allan Poe, and she insists that episodes of The Twilight Zone made perfectly fine bedtime stories.

With degrees in Journalism, Photography, and Adult Education, Sherry covers all her passions of creativity and teaching others. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, who keeps her well stocked in chai tea lattes and lemon drop martinis, and her Burmese cat, who shares her popcorn, pizzas and even an occasional beer.

Sherry is a world traveler, US Army Veteran, and active member of her writing community.