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6 Writing tips from Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window

Pile on the doubt. Did he really see a crime or not? When in doubt, cast doubt. No only do…

Murder In Clichy book review

I just finished the book Murder In Clichy by Cara Black. If you haven't read any of her Aimee Leduc…

Reading list

I created a reading list in the same way I create my shopping list for the grocery store. After all,…

About the Author

Sherry Briscoe is an award-winning author of mystery, suspense, and supernatural thrillers. Her childhood heroes were Alfred Hitchcock and Edgar Allan Poe, and she insists that episodes of The Twilight Zone made perfectly fine bedtime stories. A native Idahoan with Cajun and Cherokee heritage, she holds degrees in Journalism, Photography, and Adult Education. She is a world traveler, US Army Veteran, founder of the Idaho Screenwriters Association, active board member of the Idaho Writers Guild, and professional speaker and workshop facilitator.