Sherry Briscoe, author & speaker

Every life holds a secret, and that’s where the story begins…

  • » Who Am I Now?

    We can ask ourselves that question a dozen different times in our life, and come up with a dozen different answers. When I write a story or a novel, the character arc is the journey that the character goes on from start to finish. We start out a certain way, believing certain things, working toward … Continue reading Who Am I Now?

  • » How Do We Get Over?

    “One gets over the loss of a wallet or a watch. But a loved one, they never leave you. You never get over, you only get through.” Fourteen years ago today my youngest sister left us.  A slick curve, a winding road, a raging river. And in a splash, a crash, a flash of light, … Continue reading How Do We Get Over?

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