Author reading at Rediscovered Books

It’s always fun to attend my favorite hometown bookstore, especially when I get to hear a local author read from their latest book. But on May 9, 2019, you get to come to Rediscovered Books in downtown Boise and hear me read from my latest book, The Man In Number 7.

I will start off with telling you a little bit of history of how this book came to be. I’ll talk about the house that’s on the cover of the book and it’s significance to the story. Spoiler alert – it’s a photo I took of the house I grew up in! I’ll tell you all about it on May 9.

So bring your friends and family and join me at Rediscovered Books. Maybe you’ll buy my book, or maybe you’ll find some other great treasures to buy. This bookstore is full of amazing treasures.

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  1. Barbara Hinther says:

    I am very happy for you and your success. Congratulations!

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