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Mists of Garibaldi: Tales of the Supernatural

Lives in a small coastal town are threatened by murder and magic. Mists of Garibaldi chills and haunts you as the supernatural swoops into the bay.

Zoey, a photojournalist, follows the clues in her photos to the small coastal town of Garibaldi, Oregon. She rents a room in a turn-of-the-century bed-and-breakfast, only to find out the other inhabitants of the Inn are not of this world. But hers isn’t the only strange story in the small community.

Lizzy finds an ancient cursed paint brush in Abigail’s secondhand store, and is possessed by an evil spirit. Then Abigail finds more than she bargains for when she mistakenly awakens a sleeping dragon and unleashes him on the small town. Aiden stumbles across a ghostly town where the spectral residents want to make him one of their own.

From murder to dark magic, danger lurks in the shadows of Mists of Garibaldi: Tales of the supernatural. If you like mystery, a dash of romance, and a touch of the supernatural, you’ll love these haunting tales.

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Book Categories: fantasy, paranormal mystery, and short stories.