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The Dutiful Daughter

Carmela Canova Cardova is on the lam with nothing more than a Star Trek flip phone, a ring from a wedding she can’t remember, and a Glock 19. Can she find the key to her husband’s death before the killers find her?

Carmela’s life has been fairly simple — a “good girl” who has done everything she was told. The problem is that now her dad is telling her to just “sit still” and wait for further instructions from him — and with little information, it is a mental battle for her as she isn’t sure who to trust.

Caught between two worlds — her past, where her closest friends think she is still in a coma — and her new life where she hesitates to get too attached, Carmela finds herself at a crossroads where she has to force herself to become an adult in more ways than one. She has always trusted her father, but now he is behaving oddly and she questions everything she always believed — even her own love for her recently-deceased husband.

This is a great, swift read that will titillate readers who like an easy-to-follow thriller with a gutsy girl lead.

Find out in book one of the Desert Rose series. A paranormal suspense that will take you on a wild journey through the dark shadows of the desert.

Book Categories: paranormal mystery, The Desert Rose series, and Women's Fiction.