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The Man In Number 7 – Where the dead come to collect

Seven apartments – seven dark secrets.

Apolline Dubois, a young mother trying to flee her past, finds herself haunted in the halls of a Gothic mansion. The building’s macabre history, however, is not yet fully written. Murderous intent still lives here, lying in wait and secreted away with the man in number 7. On the run from her past, her crimes, and her vengeful brother-in-law, a young mother seeks safety in the shadows.

Award-winning author Sherry Briscoe has taken the darkness from her childhood and weaved it into a fictional story. The setting is the apartment house she and her mother moved into after they fled her abusive alcoholic step-father. The house on the corner of 5th and Myrtle stood for 122 years before being demolished in 2015, Murray’s restaurant is gone, but the four Basque row houses still stand today. In the words of philosopher and writer Albert Camus, “Fiction is the lie through which we tell the truth.”


Book Categories: paranormal mystery and Standalones.