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Book Category: paranormal mystery

The Dutiful Daughter

Carmela Canova Cardova always did what her parents wanted. She majored in marketing like they suggest, graduated from the college they paid for, married the man they chose. But the day after the wedding, a car wreck killer her husband and sent her world in a downward spiral.

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The Evolution of Uma

What will Uma do when life slaps her in the face, shoots her in the chest and takes away everything she loves? Overcoming death was easier than overcoming life, for Uma Bettencourt. Is she up for the challenge of what lies ahead? Can she turn the page to the next chapter of her life?

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Lost In The Lyrics

Book 3 of the Desert Rose series follows the singer/songwriter, Annalise Garcia. You’ll want to follow her too!

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The Man In Number 7 – Where the dead come to collect

Murdered abusive husband-check. Moved to a haunted house in a new town-check. Stay alive when brother-in-law comes for revenge? Priceless!

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Fine Line of Denial

As the death roll rises, will this Sioux crime reporter’s heritage hold the key to stopping a killer?

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The Secret in the Walls

Tazia visit’s her friend’s grand opening of a bar in the elite resort town of Ketchum, Idaho. She meets up with ghosts, murder, kidnapping and romance. It’s the perfect vacation getaway.

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Forgotten Lives – Where Evil Lurks

Eight unrelated women journey to understand the dark side of humanity. As the crusaders move closer to the truth, evil threatens their mission and their very existence in this epic battle of light and dark.

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Shattered Souls: When Angels and Demons Collide

Book 2 in the Ninth Miracle trilogy. The battle continues.

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Ragged Voices: A Breath of Hope

Book 3 in the Ninth Miracle trilogy

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Mists of Garibaldi: Tales of the Supernatural

Nothing is what it seems in the small coastal town of Garibaldi, Oregon.

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Penny Angel and The Black Diamond

A magical ring transforms Penny Angel’s life from common-place to extraordinaire. She leaves the courtroom and opens a pub. Instead of judges and juries, now…

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