Mists of Garibaldi

bookcover-new_300x458Tales of the supernatural …

Nothing is what it seems in the small coastal town of Garibaldi, Oregon. From dragons to ghosts, curses to murder, the nine stories of the Mists of Garibaldi will trap you in their web, and haunt you from the first word to the last.

Meet the people of Garibaldi…and the ghosts and the other things that go bump in the night…in this fabulous collection of short stories by Sherry Briscoe. The supernatural chills and thrills in The Mists of Garibaldi will enchant and wow you. Highly recommended.

– Joanne Pence, USA Today bestselling author of “One O’Clock Hustle”

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More reviews:

I don’t usually read this genre, but this book came as a gift. As soon as I read the first page, I was hooked. Mis Briscoe is a master of description and I finished the whole book in two big swallows! Her characters jumped right off the page and I couldn’t wait to find out what they would do next. Now I’m waiting for her next book.

– Alice Bauer

Sherry Briscoe’s “Mists of Garibaldi” is a rollercoaster read – with all the twists and turns and hair-raising drops you’d expect from strapping yourself into one. It’s a great read, one that you’ll likely not put down until the ride’s over.

This is a highly visual book – the scenes are so sharply drawn and seductive and the characters so believable that you’ll swear you’re exploring the Garibaldi streets and shops yourself alongside Zoey, Lizzy, Ted, and Mayme. I wanted to jump in the car and drive to the coast just to see if this place really exists (it does).

If I were to have one complaint, it’s that just like a great rollercoaster ride, Mists of Garibaldi is too short! This collection of short stories begs to be expanded to a series of full-fledged novels. Sherry left me wanting more, and I hope she’s ready to publish her next one tomorrow. I can’t wait.

– Don Johnson