Thanks For Giving

Facebook and Twitter, all forms of social media are filled today with things people are thankful for. We’re thankful for our families, our friends, our jobs, and our health.

I am also thankful for all the opportunities God has given me to connect and share with others on this journey we call life.

One year I was able to help deliver Meals on Wheels to the senior and disabled shut-ins. We weren’t just taking food to them, we were taking friendship. I still remember how their eyes would light up and

Me with two of my grandchildren.

Me with two of my grandchildren.

sparkle when we came in the door. It wasn’t the meal they cared about so much, as the companionship of someone who would take the time to say “I care.”

Give of yourself this holiday season, and be amazed at what you will receive in return.

God Bless, and Happy Thanksgiving,