The Ninth Miracle Trilogy

The Ninth Miracle Trilogy follows eight unrelated women as they journey to understand the dark side of humanity. As the crusaders move closer to the truth, evil threatens their mission and their very existence.

All is not as it seems in this epic battle of light and dark, in which heroes must discover not only the truth about their world, but also the truth about themselves.

A friend of mine just asked how I could write on the dark side of humanity. I explained that this trilogy starts in darkness and journeys into the light by the third book.

I hope you’ll join me and some fellow authors on March 5, 2015 at a book signing on First Thursday in downtown Boise at Berryhill & Co. 121 N. 9th.  We’ll be there from 5-8pm. I’d love to chat with you and I’ll be sure to have plenty of autographed copies of my books on hand!Forgotten Lives