You wake up. Roll over. Yawn. As you come alive to your day ahead, what inspires you to get out of bed? Are you excited by prospects ahead, or deadened by the drudgery of minutia on your to-do list? What kind of future are you living into? What is your purpose?

The answer lies in your mantra statement.photography

What’s a mantra statement, you ask? Excellent question. You’re well acquainted, of course, with a mission statement.

“We put the Q in Quality.” A mission statement generally speaks purely to rational goals. A mantra statement, on the other hand, reveals the true, underlying purpose. A mission statement lives in your head; a mantra statement lives in your heart and soul.

Think of your own life purpose for a moment. What’s your big picture intention? What are you doing with this one and only life of yours?

Create your mantra statement today.

Work toward the positive, not away from the negative. It’s impossible to succeed if your goal is to avoid failure. You can’t move forward if you’re focused on not sliding backwards.

You are a work in progress. We’re all figuring it out as we go, we’re all learning. If you’re not there yet, keep trying. Often the process to get there is more valuable than actually reaching the destination.

Do what you are. To reach your ultimate potential, you have to fully express yourself.

Make your memoirs worth reading.  Years from now, when we’re old and retired and reflecting upon our lives, may no part remain unlived, no opportunity squandered, no talent wasted, no aspiration unfulfilled.

A possibility lives within you. A possibility of a life so extraordinary that it deserves your time,Switzerland your talents, your heart. what is your possibility? What extraordinary potential awaits? Find it. Bring it forth. Because when you do, you’ll have a life worth living.