What’s Your Apple In The Garden of Eden?

We all have it. That temptation of something we know isn’t good or right for us.

Maybe it’s an addiction. Smoking, drinking, drugs. Maybe it’s a bad habit. Judging, controlling, obsessing. Maybe it’s more subtle. Doubt, fear, guilt.



Whatever your apple in the Garden of Eden is, face it. Have a discussion with it. Find out where it comes from and then tell it ‘good-bye’. You don’t need it. Fight the temptation that makes you feel less than you really are.

You are strong. Be strong. You are good. Be good. You are smart. Be smart!

Overcome the temptation and be the best of you. Enjoy this beautiful life you have been given. Appearances are misleading. Look beyond to the Light that is just a couple of inches behind the illusion.