When I was a student at East Junior High in Boise, I tried out for the school’s Drill Team. I wanted to be one of those girls proudly wearing that beautiful black and gold uniform, supporting our school.

East Junior High Hornets

East Junior High Hornets

The day of the tryouts came and I was scared! I don’t know how many girls showed up for tryouts, but the gym was full. I was worried I didn’t have a chance. Then someone whispered to me, “smile, it’ll make them notice you.”

So I did. When I was up for my tryout, I held the biggest smile I could manage through the entire time.

It worked! I was selected as one of the new girls on the Drill Team. I was so excited.

A smile can open a lot of doors in life. Not just on the junior high drill team, but in work, social settings and relationships.

Smile at the people you meet during the day, whether a stranger in an elevator or a passerby on the sidewalk.

Maybe your smile is the gift they need.

I smile all the time. See what your smile can do for you.