Eclectic Idaho

I’m a native Idahoan.  Something you don’t find so much these days.  Although I have moved around the country, and even Europe, I have come back home to Idaho.  There’s no greener grass than at home!
One thing I love doing is traveling around this beautiful state and taking in the many sights.  This is a photograph I took one weekend when we drove to Idaho City for the day.  It’s an amazing little town in the mountains just north east of Boise.  Once a thriving mining town, now it’s just a small town time has somewhat forgot.  But if you get the chance to go to Idaho City, check out this place.  I’m sorry to say it’s closed now, so you can’t go in.  But oh what treasures you will find just walking around it!

All around the world there are places like this.  Amazing spots that have incredible stories to tell.  What stories this place could tell!  Won’t you come and listen?