What’s Your Story?

Everything in life is a story. Our work, our relationships, our successes and failures. They all create the stories that are our life. What is the story of your life? Have you thought about it?

Have you been around someone who is so charismatic, that people flock to listen to them entertain them with, yes, another story. Everyone is a story teller. Some stories are interesting and some are not, but they are still all stories! There are stories that make us laugh, and stories that make us cry. Scary stories to tell by the camp fire, or stories that inspire the spirit.

Is your story going the way you want it to? Can you rewrite it? Think about the elements in your life’s story, and what can be changed to achieve the outcome you desire. You have the ability to make that change. It’s called ‘free will’. Think about writing an outline that is your life. Where is it weak? Where is it strong? Just like crafting a fictional story, you can craft your life’s story. After all, it’s your story, it should be what you want it to be!