Writing a Book Blurb

For me, this was the hardest part of writing. Copy writing. I’ve taken courses, read books, and done everything I could to learn to write a better blurb. Here’s what I’ve learned:

The purpose of the blurb is to deepen interest and desire in the book. It’s a tagline, something to initially grab a reader’s attention. First impressions count here, more than ever. It catches the reader’s eye and hopefully makes them want to continue reading.

Your tagline should indicate the genre the same way your cover does. A good tagline does not encapsulate the whole story. It’s a marketing tool designed to attract attention. It’s a hook, not a mini-synopsis.

I’m not talking about review quotes, “stunning – USA Today”. I’m talking about copy you write to pique the interest of readers, making them want to pick up or buy the book to read more. Blurbs tease and seduce.

Clear writing in a blurb enables the reader to see, at a glance, all the promise of the story. Poor writing obstructs their view.

Bryan Cohen’s Amazon Ad School classes on Facebook are great. Also Robert Ryan’s book Book Blurbs Unleashed, and my favorite, Louise Willder’s Blurb Your Enthusiasm. I recommend all of these. They all offer valuable tools, but each in a different way.

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