The Ultimate Fiction Book Description Formula

A step-by-step guide

Having trouble writing a description for your novel? It’s not uncommon. I found a great guide from Dave Chesson on the Kindlepreneur Rocket.

First Sentence Hook

This is the most important sentence of your entire book description. This is where 80% of your focus needs to be.

Simple Design Layout

Like all marketing copy, it needs to have white space. Less is more. No fancy fonts or bold letters needed.

Mic Drop Moment

Make the final sentence powerful showing the main plot of the story and the hero’s struggle.

Comparison Point

In some cases, it helps to let the reader know what other books this is similar to.

If you’re an Alice Hoffman fan, you’ll feel right at home with Sherry Briscoe.

Close With a CTA

End your book description with a call-to-action.

Buy the Man In Number 7 to see who will be the last person standing.

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