Frohe Weihnacten

December in Nuremberg, Germany was magical. The market place in the center of town was filled with the Christ Kindles Markt (Christ Child Market). 100 canvas-topped booths featured delicious German foods such as gingerbread and spicy sausages hot off the griddle, brass tinsel angels, delicately handcrafted wooden toys, model trains and candles.

I didn’t want to be alone this time of year, so I sent my sister Karen a round trip plane ticket to come spend Christmas with me.

On December 23rd I drove to Frankfurt and picked her up at the airport. She had her purse and her makeup bag in hand, and a sad look on her face. None of her luggage had made the trip with her. Her money, her clothes, and Christmas presents sent with her from our parents were lost somewhere along the way.

I didn’t care, she was the best Christmas present for me!

Military units are family. And when we got back to the barracks, another gal Karen’s size loaned her clothes for the two week stay, and others pitched in money to compensate her loss. We were set!

The next day Karen and I took the strasse to downtown Nuremberg and toured the old castle, along with churches, the market place and shops.

We caught a ride to the bahnhoff and boarded a train for Munich, where we stayed at the Columbia hotel. Dinner at the Hofbrauhaus and the best beer ever, our night was complete with the old German band playing and everyone full of cheer, or beer, or both!

We toured the sites, ate fantastic food, and even enjoyed a New Year’s Eve party in a penthouse suite with celebrities!

January 1, 1976, Karen and I got on the train again and headed for Garmisch. We toured more castles and monasteries and places we had never dreamed of.

A train ride back and the holiday was over, and Karen went back home. It was one of the best Christmas vacations ever.

I hope that you have cherished memories of Christmases past to fill your heart. And I pray that this year you are spending the holiday season with those nearest and dearest to you.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Sherry and Karen at the Frankfurt airport.

Sherry and Karen at the Frankfurt airport.