Someone recently asked me if I had ever contemplated suicide. The holiday season has typically been a time of year when the rate of suicide is higher.

I have a cousin who took his own life in December a few years ago. It leaves close family and friends with haunting thoughts of what they could have done, or should have done, to prevent such heartbreak.

While I have never had thoughts of suicide myself, I have contemplated my death many times. I am not afraid of dying. However, I think it’s better to not be afraid of living. It can be scary to take the risks that may bring heartache and disappointment, but on the other hand, we can never achieve our heart’s desires if we don’t stretch beyond our comfort zone and try.

The biggest mistake we can make is to give up.

If you know someone who has thoughts of suicide, please contact your local suicide hotline. Don’t let anyone be so lost they can never find their way back.

Idaho Suicide Hotline