Be Happy

I remember once, my mom telling me, above all else, she just wanted me to be happy.

I think about that often. Am I happy? What makes me happy?

I think the best way to describe true happiness is when we feel completely at peace with exactly what we have. When we don’t need anything else, when we don’t need anyone to do anything for us.

I am happy, just the way I am, right now.

Outside influences and relationships add experiences to my life, but they do not affect my happiness. Because my happiness is my choice.

I choose happiness.

I appreciate the blessings in my life and claim the good still unfolding.

Whether I am praying alone, playing with friends, or planning an

Me with two of my grandchildren.

Me with two of my grandchildren.

adventure, I am content with myself and with others. In this moment, I am enough and I have enough to be happy.

Choose happiness!