Life’s Point of View

As children we are asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” And our minds are filled with noble aspirations of being doctors, lawyers, pilots, engineers, ballerinas or artists.



Then we grow up and we are asked, “What do you do?” And we respond that we are teachers, architects, sales reps, secretaries, or maybe a stay-at-home parent.

Then more years go by and we are asked, “What did you do?” And we respond, “I was a geologist, or a bank manager, a nurse, a crew chief.”

As we age we begin to look at ourselves in the past tense. “I was…I used to…” And when we get to the end, will we be happy with what we ‘did’ and ‘who’ we were?



As thoughts pass from planning for the future, or dealing with the present, to remembering the past, I hope you find you’ve lived a life of meaning and value, of joy and happiness.

Tell those close to you that you love them. Take the time to watch a beautiful sunset, savor a glass of well-aged wine, and learn to just BE! After all, what else is there?

Who are you now? No matter who you want to be, or who you were, who you are today is what counts the most.

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  1. Gayla Corbin says:

    Well said Sherry!

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