What’s In a Name?

Being a fictional writer, I’m always scouring and searching for the best names to use for my characters.

Have you ever noticed that some names are so amazing they invoke an image as soon as you hear them?

That’s what happened when I saw an obituary for Mayme Divine. I never knew her, I didn’t know anything about the woman who had passed away. But that name came to life in my imagination.

Now, Mayme Divine is a character in two stories in the Mists of Garibaldi – Tales of the Supernatural. But she doesn’t stop there. I have already started laying out a whole series of books with Mayme as the main character. And I promise, you’re going to love her.

Mayme will connect with her best friend from college, Estelle, and the two of them together will be solving mysteries. But what you need to understand is that they really don’t want to solve mysteries. They want to meet cute guys (even though they’re in their late sixties) and find the best martini in town. Mysteries are just something that falls in their lap along the way.

I know you’re going to love Mayme and Estelle, so stay tuned for more!

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  1. Meade Fischer says:

    I really enjoyed your presentation last night, and I’m considering continuing on a script I started a couple of years ago, but only after purchasing the software you mentioned.

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