Who Am I Now?

We can ask ourselves that question a dozen different times in our life, and come up with a dozen different answers.

When I write a story or a novel, the character arc is the journey that the character goes on from start to finish. We start out a certain way, believing certain things, working toward certain goals. But along the path, something happens, something or someone gets in our way, tragedy, drama, conflict – and before we know it, we’re on a different path, and we become a different person.

The life I had envisioned for myself, is not the life I’m living today. And I look at that and wonder, do I need to get back on that path? Am I going the wrong direction? Did I miss something?

And I sit back and view the new landscape and realize, I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. The path didn’t change, I did.

I am the hero of my own story.

Embrace the hero in you, for you are the hero of your story too.