Create Your Own Opportunities

Since Lady Luck doesn’t knock on my door as much as I’d like her to, I learned a long time ago that I needed to create my own opportunities that I want in my life.

Sounds easy, right? And it really should be, though it often isn’t.

I remember one time when I got a job, a rather high level job with a state agency. I commented to my mother that I really was amazed that they hired me, considering I had no experience and no training in the field. But I knew I could do the job, and I really wanted it.

My mother, being the wise woman that she was, simply shrugged her shoulders and said, ‘I’m not surprised you got it. You made it yours.”

She was right, I had MADE it mine. I believed in my potential rather than my limitations. That’s how you make something yours. That’s how you create the opportunities you want.

Find your passion. Believe in your potential, not your limitations. The universe is not waiting for all the planets and stars to be in perfect alignment. The universe is waiting on you. YOU are the key to your happiness and success.

What will you make yours today?