What To Do With All Those Christmas Cards

I love Christmas cards. I send out about 40 cards in the mail every holiday season. But each year the number that I receive dwindles. Now people send emails. Or they just post a blanket ‘Merry Christmas‘ to everyone on Facebook.

This year, my sister and I came up with a great plan. This is our new Family Tradition. Don’t throw those Christmas cards away just yet. Write down each person’s name who mailed you a card. And sometime within the next ten months or so, send them a card. Not for a holiday or any special reason. But just to let them know you appreciate them. Send a fun card in the spring or the summer to someone you got a Christmas card from.

Make it your new family tradition!

Of course, you can send a note or card to anyone at any time letting them know how special they are. We don’t need a holiday for that. We just need love and compassion.

Surprise someone. Send them a ‘no reason at all’ card off-season and let them know how much they mean to you. Every month, send at least one card. You could even get creative and put a bookmark in it. Or better yet, a gift card to buy a book they’ve been wanting.

Share the world. Share your love. Don’t wait for a holiday.