The Pleiades

I have been a silent sister. I have sailed above and below her — I have seen what comes when sisters are taught to view themselves as a cluster instead of individual stars.

Starry Story Night held a special event this year on October 30, letting the seven sisters of the Pleiades tell their stories. We opened up. We shared. We let ourselves be vulnerable. We parted the heavens.

Inspired by themes taken from the Greek legend of the Pleiades, each storyteller was a point of light with her own true story. But all told, they connected the dots to make up one brilliant impression. All stories are one story.

Thank you to Jodi Eichelberger and the Boise Phil String Quartet. This was an event that touched my soul and I will always remember. Especially when I look up into the heavens.

Anne McDonald, Cheryl Slavin, Elisabeth McKetta, Erika Warner, Erin Riley, Jen Adams, Sherry Briscoe. The seven sister stars of the Pleiades.