My Own Fairy Tale Land

Working in the motor pool turned out to be a pretty good job. The guys there took me under their wings and became my over-protective big brothers. And the motor pool sergeant decided it wasn’t all bad to have a friendly female face to come to work to every day.

As the days and weeks passed, I watched myself change and grow into a new person. I no longer felt like the young naive girl from Idaho. New countries became my home as traveling and adventure became my life.

Europe was beautiful and fascinating, a glow of sparkling jewels inside a newly found treasure chest. Sporadic moments of loneliness where overcome with awe and wonder.

In the market on Saturday morning in Nuremberg, Germany

In the market on Saturday morning in Nuremberg, Germany

I was a stranger a long ways from home, lost and found at the same time. I had ventured into a new age leaving all childhood behind, never to be touched but only remembered.

I felt like the princess in all the fairy tales I had heard as a child, living only a few blocks from a centuries-old castle, this was my time.

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