A Career Worthy of You

We spend hours formatting our resumes, but little time contemplating what we truly want next in life.

You already have everything you need to become great.

Visualize your no-compromise future so you can build it piece by piece.

Work is personal. It touches all aspects of your life.

Be the YOU that you want to be.writing

A career should not work you to death. It is not climbing the corporate ladder. When you perform at your best, you naturally ascend.

Careering is the profound, and glorious, and terrifying, and absurdly difficult but infinitely rewarding process of transforming your current self into your ultimate self.

Success isn’t about being the best. Success is the process of becoming your best self.

Work is hard. It just is. As soon as you accept this, you can stop resisting, and start putting your energy into moving forward. The paradox, of course, is that once you’re moving forward, work stops feeling so hard.

Everyone looks for shortcuts. But there are no shortcuts. Greatness is never easy, and some days it’s not fun. but for some, great is the only thing worth being.

Your job is not your career. You can be fired from your job. but you’ll never be fired from your career. Your job is where you work, your duties. A job is a means to an end. A career, on the other hand, is the long-term journey. You will probably have many jobs. Your career represents your holistic professional path.

Circumstances can’t cripple your career as much as doubt or passivity.

It’s nearly impossible to be happy without momentum. If you’re stuck in one way or another, soon you’ll be frustrated at best, demoralized at worst. Without momentum, you stop growing and start existing.

Your job description is not your self-description.

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