Home Sweet Home

Today I got the chance to walk through the Stewart House on the corner of 5th and Myrtle in Boise. Built in the late 1800’s as the home for Supreme Court Justice George Stewart, it was converted into an apartment house in 1914 right after his death. The house had 7 apartments. Stewart House

Around 1960, right after my mom divorced my first stepfather, she and I moved into apartment #6 of this building.  And in later years, we also lived in Apartment number 1 and 2 on the first floor. It was so amazing walking through them today. They were so much smaller than I had remembered.

I was so emotional with all those childhood memories flooding in. But every time I stepped into apartment #6, tears welled up in my eyes. All I could think about was ‘this is where it all began, this is my first real memory of me and my mom together in this tiny apartment. And I miss her all over again.

tiny kitchen

tiny kitchen

I know it sounds silly, the other apartments didn’t affect me this way, but every time I walked into #6 – I cried! I can still see her sitting on the couch, holding me in her lap, her arms wrapped around me.

Apartment 6 kitchen and dining room

Apartment 6 kitchen and dining room

Apartment #6 of the Stewart House is where life really began for me and my mom. She was 24 years old and I was 6. And we were starting fresh, just the two of us.

And as my mother liked to always say, “It’s an adventure!” And that was our first adventure together, moving to Boise and in an apartment of our own.


2 Replies to “Home Sweet Home”

  1. electa jones says:

    I think you would have had great times with Ann she was a fun gal with great heart–small may have been your place to live, but you had a ton of attitude from your mom–you were brave little girl.

    • Sherry says:

      Thank you, Electa. You should have come with me today and walked through the old place. It was amazing! I just remember so much love there.

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