I Love You

Never be afraid to stand up for your feelings.

If you love somebody, even if you’re scared or it will cause problems, or burn your life to the ground – say it loud and go from there.

I love you! Say it loud to everyone you truly care for.Mom and Dauna

Don’t let someone leave your life without them knowing how you feel.

Tell people the wonderful things that rest on the tip of your tongue or the edges of your mind. Speak the words.

Tell your friends and family how special they are to you. I was able to write my Dad a letter, telling him all the special memories he had filled my life with. When we heard he was dying, I had time. But we don’t always have time to tell the people we love – that we love them.

I don’t even remember what my last conversation with my little sister was before she passed. I didn’t get the chance to hug her and tell her how much I loved her. I’m sure she knew, but I wanted to tell her – and I didn’t get to.Mom and Andrea

I love you Andrea, I love you Dad, I love you Mom. Say it loud and go from there.

I love my three children and their families more than words can express, but I still try, every chance I get, to let them know how much I love them, how greatly they have impacted my life. They have added so much value to who I am, so much joy to my living.

Dan's wedding To my children and grandchildren – I love you!

I love my friends and family who have enriched my lives with their kindness, their generosity and their understanding. I have met some of the most amazing people in the world, and every day I give thanks.

To all my friends – I love you!

2 Replies to “I Love You”

  1. T. L. Cooper says:

    It’s amazing how uncomfortable those three words make some people. I grew up where I love you served as a farewell in most family interactions. Yet in adulthood I discovered many people weren’t that comfortable with using the words so freely, including my husband. That required quite an adjustment for both of us.
    I found the discomfort I sensed in others caused me to be more cautious about expressing those feelings. I think we as a society tend to put far too much weight on them and yet give them far too little importance all at the same time.
    It’s amazing how complicated we make feeling affection and genuine care for one another…
    Enjoyed this post, Sherry!

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