50 First Dates

In the movie 50 First Dates, (Drew Barrymore’s character) lost her short term memory, creating a circumstance where the man who loved her (Adam Sandler) had to make her fall in love with him all over again, every single day.

Imagine for just a moment, that the person you love was in an accident , or by some means got amnesia, and doesn’t remember who you are. What would you do to make this person fall in love with you today?

True Love

True Love

I knew a married couple who set aside every Friday night as their date night. So every Friday, without fail, they hired a baby sitter for their three children, and they went out on a date.

You and your spouse need YOUR time. Your ‘date night’. And it needs to be as special as the way your pre-marriage dates were.

Put some planning into it. At least twice a month, go on a date with your spouse. And take turns between the two of you creating that special night.

Go someplace you haven’t gone before. Can’t think of anything new? #Google for ideas. Google knows everything! From paddle boat rides in the summer to sleigh rides in the winter (depending on where you live.)

Recreate your first date, or one of your early romantic dates.

It doesn’t have to cost money. Maybe it’s as simple as renting their favorite movie, sending the kids to Grandma’s house, and popping a big bowl of popcorn, snuggling up together by candlelight.

Watch for more ideas in my upcoming book: Don’t Stop Dating Just Because You’re Married.

Put the romance back in your relationship!!

Book Cover

Book Cover


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  1. Araminta says:

    This is so true. Sherry, Bruce and I have been going on a date ever since we met. We try to set one or two days a week with just us. Lately it has been just sitting in front of the TV watching favorite old shows on Netflix !

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