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Choose Happiness

Many years ago I was in the Army, and stationed in Germany. I was the Battalion Commander's secretary, and Command Sergeant Major Middleton was the Battalion Commander's right hand man. CSM Middleton was a bulldozer of a man. I secretly believed he was Frankenstein's monster.  He looked the part with…

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The Barracks of Hell

Merrill Barracks in Nuremberg, Germany became my new home. I was transferred out of the motor pool up the battalion headquarters where I was to be the new personal secretary to the battalion commander, Col. Garrison. The 71st Maintenance Battalion headquarters resided in Merrill Barracks, an enormous structures that took…

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The Austrian Alps

The Army sponsored the Nuremberg International Ski Club. I was a beginner skier at the time, so this was my perfect opportunity to learn. I joined the club, which organized ski trips every month to the Alps. The first trip I went on with the group was to Lech, Austria.…

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